Attractions in Voronezh

Ship-Museum Goto Predestinatsia and Admiralty Square
V. Peskov Voronezhsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve
Voronezh Museum of Local Lore
Private Museum of the Forgotten Instruments
Voronezh Annunciation Cathedral
Alye Parusa Park
Voronezh Art Museum
A.L. Durov Memorial House
Governor’s House
Voronezh Central Park
Assumption Admiralty Church
Alekseevo-Akatov Convent
Voronezhskoe Reservoir
Pokrovsky Cathedral
Chizhovsky Place of Arms
Central Market
Literature Museum
Voronezh Zoo
Soviet Square
Victory Square
Kazanian Church
Xenia of Saint Petersburg Church
Orlyonok Park
Voronezh Chamber Theatre
Nikitinsky Theatre
Voronezh Concert Hall
Voronezh Academic Drama Theatre
Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre
Museum “The Great Patriotic War 1941-1945”

Attractions in the Voronezh Region

Divnogorye Museum-Reserve
Khopyorsky State Nature Reserve
Kostyonki State Archeological Museum-Reserve
Oldenburg Palace
Kalacheevskaya Cave
Voronezh Aquarium
D.V. Venevitinov Memorial Estate
Kostomarovsky Convent of the Saviour