Vladimir is the city in the Central Federal District.

The year of foundation is 990.

The population is more than 350 thousand.

  • Vladimir is included in the Golden Ring of Russia

  • Vladimir was the capital of the Ancient Rus from 1243 to 1389.

Airport in Vladimir

There is no passenger airport in Vladimir.

Railway Terminal in Vladimir

Station Vladimir (Вокзал Владимир) in the English and Russian languages

Bus Terminal in Vladimir

Vladimir Bus Station in the Russian language

The best time for visiting Vladimir is from May to September

Must see in Vladimir

What to do in Vladimir

Museums  Suzdal

It is convenient to travel from Vladimir to:

  • Moscow – 1 hour 40 min trip by train;
  • Ivanovo – 1 hour 40 min trip by train;
  • Nizhniy Novgorod – 2 hours trip by train;
  • Tver – 3 hours 25 min trip by train.

Attractions in Vladimir

Golden Gates
Dormition Cathedral
Cathedral of Saint Demetrius
Old Vladimir Museum in Water Tower
Historical Museum
Palaty Museum
Ferris Wheel Sky33
Prince Vladimir and Saint Theodor Monument
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Lights of Vladimir
Patriarshiy Garden
Museum of Gingerbread
Museum of Spoon
Princess Convent of the Holy Dormition
Nature Museum
Saint Nicetas the Goth Church
Vladimir Planetarium
The Stoletovs House-Museum
Classic Music Hall
Concert Hall
Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Monastery
Museum of Crystal, Miniature Lacquer Painting, and Needlecraft
Archangel Michael Church
Nikolskaya Kremlin Church
Pushkin Park
Vladimir Academic Drama Theatre

Attractions in the Vladimir Region 

Suzdal Kremlin
Monastery of Saint Euthymius
Museum of the Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life
Alexandrovskaya Sloboda
Kideksha Church of Boris and Gleb
Pontifical Rooms in Suzdal
Church of the Intercession on the Nerl
Convent of the Nativity of Mary
Convent of the Patronage of the Mother of God
Convent of the Holy Trinity in Murom
Estate of V. Khrapovitsky in Muromtsevo
Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour in Murom
Alezandrovsky Monastery in Suzdal
Shopping Arcade in Suzdal
Crystal Museum in Gus-Khrustalny
Monastery of  the Annunciation in Murom
Literary and Art Museum of Anastasia and Marina Tsvetaeva in Alexandrov
Saint George Church in Yuriev-Polsky
Saint Basil Monastery in Suzdal