Tver is the city in the Central Federal District.

The year of foundation is 1131.

The population is more than 419 thousand.

  • Since 1931 to 1991 Tver had the name Kalinin in honor of the Soviet political figure M.I. Kalinin who was born in Tver Region.

  • Tver is the port of 5 seas; the city is connected by the Unified Deep Water System of European Russia with the Baltic Sea, the White Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Azov Sea, the Black Sea.

Airport in Tver

There is no passenger airport in Tver. The nearest airport is Sheremetyevo, International Airport (160 km from Tver)

Railway Terminal in Tver

Station Tver (Вокзал Тверь) in the English and Russian languages

Bus Terminal in Tver

Tver Bus Station in the Russian language

The best time for visiting Tver is from May to September

Must see in Tver

What to do in Tver

Tver Region

It is convenient to travel from Tver to:

  • Moscow – 2 hours trip by train;
  • Saint Petersburg – 3 hours trip by train;
  • Tula – 4 hours 30 min trip by train;
  • Kaluga – 4 hours 40 min trip by train;
  • Ryazan – 4 hours 50 min trip by train