Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the city in the Northwestern Federal District, the former capital of the Russian Empire.

The year of foundation is 1703.

The population is more than 5 million.

  • Saint Petersburg was meant to be the capital of Russia since the beginning of its existence; the city had the capital status from 1712 till 1918.
  • There is one of the deepest underground systems in the world.
  • The drawbridges are the best known Saint Petersburg landmark.

The airport in Saint Petersburg

Pulkovo, International Airport

 Railway Terminals in Saint Petersburg

Baltiyskiy Station

Finlyandskiy station

Ladojskiy Station

Moskovskiy Station

Vitebskiy Station

Bus Terminal

The Saint Petersburg Bus Terminal

Sea Port

Passenger Port “Marine façade”

The best time for visiting Saint Petersburg is all year round.

Must-see in Saint Petersburg

What to do in Saint Petersburg:

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