Kaliningrad is the city in the Northwestern Federal District.

The year of foundation is 1255.

The population is more than 450 thousand.

Kaliningrad region has not any borders with other regions of Russian Federation.

Königsberg is the former name of Kaliningrad.

A German philosopher Immanuel Kant was born and lived in Königsberg. When Königsberg came into possession of the Russian Empire, I.Kant received citizenship of Russia.

Kaliningrad region has more than 90% of global reserve of amber.

Airport in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Airport Khrabrovo in the Russian language

Railway Terminal in Kaliningrad

Station Kaliningrad-Yujnyiy (Калининград Южный) in the Russian, and English languages

Bus Station in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Bus Station in the Russian, English, German, Polish, Lithuanian, and Latvian languages.

Sea Port in Kaliningrad region

Baltiysk in the Russian, and English languages

The best time for visiting Kaliningrad is from April to October.

What to do in Kaliningrad:

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