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Mordovian State Nature Reserve (Мордовский государственный природный заповедник им. П.Г. Смидовича)

The Mordovian State Nature Reserve occupies an area of 21.1 thousand Ha in the Temniovskiy District, on the picturesque bank of river Moksha. The nature reserve was founded in 1936. More than 800 thousand species of plant grow in the nature reserve, including 50 species from the Red […]

Mordovian Republican United Regional Museum named after I.D. Voronin (Мордовский краеведческий музей им. И.Д. Воронина)

The United Regional Museum of the Republic of Mordovia, named after I.D. Voronin, was founded in 1918. The ground floor of the museum hosts the Children’s Museum, which organizes regular lessons, master classes, and exhibits of children’s art. The first and second floors house the permanent exhibition, with […]

S. D. Erzia Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts (Мордовский республиканский музей изобразительных искусств им. С.Д.Эрьзи)

S.D. Erzia Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts is a particularly valuable national and cultural asset of the nations of Mordovia. The museum is named after one of the most famous artists of the Republic of Mordovia – a sculptor, Stepan Erzia (Nefyodov) (1876 – 1959). Erzia is […]