Kremlin in Izmailovo (Измайловский Кремль)

The cultural and art complex Kremlin in Izmailovo was opened in 2003 for introducing the Russian traditions, architecture, and folk arts. The place is suited for good photographs; the buildings remind of a fairy castle with whimsical wooden decoration and colorful domes. It is one of the best locations in Moscow to get know with traditional handicrafts, and find souvenirs.

Kremlin in Izmailovo

Izmailovo Kremlin attractions:


There are several little museums in the Kremlin – the Museum of Bread, the Museum of Russian Toys, the Museum of Dolls, the Museum of Russian Vodka and others.


You can try yourself in ceramics, smithcraft, and gingerbread decoration or make a toy.

Craft Market

The large market of arts and crafts, antiquarian section, and the flea market – the completed collection of the gifts made in Russian-style.

Open hours and price

The territory is open daily  from 8 to 21, free of charge


Antiquarian market, art market, flea market

Sunday, Wednesday from 9 to 17


Arts and crafts market (souvenirs)

Wednesday, Tuesday, Tuesday-Sunday from 9 to 18

How to get to the Kremlin in Izmailovo

Moscow, Izmailovskoye Shosse, 73Ж

In the Russian language – Москва, Измайловское шоссе, 73Ж

Metro station:

  • “Partizanskaya” (“Партизанская”), line 3 (blue line) – 0.8 km walking;
  • “Izmaylovo” (“Измайлово”), Moscow Central Circle (MCC) – 0.9 km walking.


Kremlin in Izmailovo website in the Russian language


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