VDNH – Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (ВДНХ)

VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy) is the largest park, museum and exhibition complex in Russia.

Fountain Stone Flower at VDNKh in Moscow. VDNKh (called also All-Russian Exhibition Center) is a permanent general-purpose trade show in Moscow, Russia

All-Soviet Union Conference of the Collective Farmers in 1935 decided to arrange a temporary exhibition of achievements. During the exhibition pavilions construction, it was agreed to prolongate exhibiting time from 100 days to 5 years.

Nationwide Exhibition of National Economy was opened in August 1939. A month before the sculpture by Vera Mukhina “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” was moved to the exhibition. The monument represented USSR in the International Exposition of Art and Technology in Modern Life in Paris in 1937. Now the monument is placed on the Prospekt Mira not far from the main entrance to the park.

At the exhibition opening, there were constructed more than 50 pavilions which displayed republics of USSR and different features of agriculture and industry. The architecture and interiors of the exhibition halls gave accent to the specifics of each focus area, and each one had a particular design.

VDNH sights and facilities:

  • There are many exhibition pavilions, and small architectural forms, 49 objects of them are recognized the cultural heritage sites in Russia;
  • Gardens and fountains;
  • Open-air concerts, workshops, and events;
  • Sports grounds for football, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong; high-rope courses; horse club;
  • Bicycle rental;
  • Moskvarium – the largest aquarium and Dolphinarium in Russia;
  • Modern Exhibition Complex VDNH EXPO;
  • Café, restaurants, street food.

Open hours and price

The territory is open 24 hours and free of charge

Exhibitions, event, and sports

How to get to the VDNH

Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 119

In the Russian language – Москва, проспект Мира, 119

Metro station:

  • “VDNKh” (“ВДНХ”), line 6 (orange) – 650 m walking.


VDNH website in the Russian, English and Chinese languages

We recommend visiting nearby

Ostankino TV Tower – 2,3 km walking


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