House of the Merchant G.V. Tetyushinov, the Museum and Cultural Center (Дом купца Тетюшинова)

The Museum and Cultural Center is placed in the wooden building in the traditional Russian Style constructed in 1872 by order of the merchant in the First Guild Grigory Vasilievich Tetyushinov.  In 1930th the house was signed over to the local administration which rebuilt the house into the communal apartments.

In 1990th when the house became the dangerous structure it was included in the List of Objects of Cultural Heritage of Russia, the dwellers moved into the other flats, and the house fell under total reconstruction. In 2010 there was opened the new museum and cultural center named after the first owner “House of the Merchant Tetyushinov.” The building was restored to the original façade and interior layout – there is the head of the house’s workroom, living room, the room of a maiden, and others.

The museum hosts interactive programs. The costumed excursion “You are a guest of a merchant family” allows shifting to the XIX century, visit the first house residents and get acquainted their everyday life.

In the summertime, the Museum holds the folk music performances and events outdoors.

Open hours and price

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Sunday from 10 to 18

Thursday from 13 to 21

Day off – Monday, and the last day of each month

Ticket price 40 rubles

How to get to the House of the Merchant G.V. Tetyushinov

Astrakhan, Kommunisticheskaya Ulitsa, 26/Raskolnikova Ulitsa, 9

In the Russian language – Астрахань, улица Коммунистическая, 26/улица Раскольникова, 9


House of the Merchant G.V. Tetyushinov website in the Russian and English languages

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