Historical and Architectural Museum Preserve Old Sarepta (Старая Сарепта)

The museum-preserve Old Sarepta is the former small town of the Hernguters. The Hernguters (or Unity of the Brethren) settled down on the torrid area of the plain near the Sarpa River in 1765, and in as little as 100 years, the place became the thriving village. Sarepta was the only settlement of the Hernguters in Russia.

Volgograd, Russia - October 23, 2016: The building of the church in the museum preserve "Old Sarepta", Volgograd

The Unity of the Brethren had the mission to bring the Word of God to the people of different confessions. Everybody who leads a good life could be included in the community without reference to ethnicity. People in the community fell into classes (corporations) by social designation, gender, and age type, each corporation had its own shared house and responsibility. The population of the Hernguters community remained constant for a long time on the level of 300-500 people, to the beginning of the XX century population exceeded 4,000 people.

At the XVIII-XIX centuries, Sarepta became the place of development of science and technology, medicine and culture. Here was the first in Russia mustard oil pressing factory, the high-quality food and beverage production, weaving factory. The scientists-settlers researched in the fields of medicine, chemistry, biology, and others.

Disruptions in Russia at the XX century – political reprisals, deportation and relocation of the ethnic Germans, led to the town blight.

In 1989 the former Hernguters settlement became the architectural and historical museum complex for cultural preservation and researches of the Lower Volga River nations.

The Museum expositions present many sides of life in Sarepta:

  • History of the Hernguters community in Sarepta;
  • Science and manufacturing in Sarepta;
  • Thematic exhibitions about everyday life in the community – pharmacist’s house, small shop with local goods, wine production in Sarepta;
  • Traditional houses of the Lower Volga River farmer, tataric farmer, Kalmyk adobe home;
  • The museum of mustard;
  • Church with the organ.

There is the largest German library in the South of Russia which includes belles-lettres and academic literature.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Sunday – from 9 to 17.30 (ticket office from 9 to 12.30, from 13 to 17)

Day off – Monday

Ticket price 200 rubles

Temporary expositions 50-160 rubles

How to get to the Historical and Architectural Museum Preserve Old Sarepta

Volgograd, Izobilnaya Ulitsa, 10

In the Russian language – Волгоград, Изобильная улица, 10


The Museum-Preserve Old Sarepta website in the Russian language


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