Memorial Complex Katyn (Мемориальный комплекс Катынь)

Memorial Complex Katyn is located in 18 km from Smolensk in the place of the mass extermination of repressed Soviet people and Polish prisoners of war in 1930-1940th years. It is the place of memory of the enormous human losses during the totalitarian regime in USSR.


In the façade of the main entrance, there are the names of the victims of political repressions and lost Polish military officers. Exposition inside the pavilion of the entrance illustrates details of the disasters in the “valley of death,” the history of thousand dead Soviet and Polish people.

The Memorial Complex divides into three parts:

Polish Military Cemetery, was made in 1999-2000. Following archival records handed over to the Polish Government, the list of the officers killed here is more than 4000 executed prisoners of war.

Mass graves of Soviet victims of political repressions. Based on the exploring of the surrounding forests in 1995-1998 there were found several dozens of mass graves from 1920-1930th years.

Museum center presents the exposition “Russia and Poland. The XX century. Chapters of history.” The exhibition shows the geographic location of countries and their changes, Soviet-Poland military conflicts, the relationship between the two countries during World War II. The Museum is equipped by the modern multimedia that allows presenting more historical evidence and documents.

Open hours and price

The territory of the Memorial Complex Katyn

Free of charge

April, 1st – October, 9th

Daily from 10 to 21

October, 10th – March, 31th

Daily from 10 to 18

Museum and expositions

Daily from 9 to 17

Ticket price 200 rubles

How to get to the Memorial Complex Katyn

Smolenskaya Oblast, between Kozyi Gory and Gnezdovo

Location 54.773590, 31.789995

In the Russian language – Смоленская область, Катынское сельское поселение, между деревней Козьи Горы и Гнездово


Memorial Complex Katyn website in the Russian, English and Poland languages

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  1. Long memory to victims of Nazi crime, which was used by Polish russophobes to balme Russia and Stalin.
    All fact point that crime was committed by Germans after starting War against Russia.
    Found German Bullets, newspapers and letters of victims dated post 1941, uniform, – all points to provocation, not accepted by USA, UK, but accepted by Polish Government in exile with purpose to break anti-Hitler Coalition and not to open the Second Front.

    What we must remember of – are hundred thousands of Jews families robed and murdered by Polish criminals in 1938 -1946. Yes, even after end of WWII these Polish bandits continued to kill jews.

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