Museum of Yaroslavl City History (Музей истории города Ярославля)

Yaroslavl is the city on the Volga River, the city with thousand-year history, the unofficial capital of the touristic route the Golden Ring of Russia. The historic center of Yaroslavl is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Museum of Yaroslavl City History

The Museum of Yaroslavl City History presents the stages of development since the foundation in the XI century until the present time. The city is revealing through the ethnographic artifacts, old tools, and weapon, household items and treasures – all that were surrounding the citizens in former times. The documental films show the city and significant events from the beginning of the XX century. The collection of photography is the pictures of Yaroslavl before the revolutions, the city in the Soviet period and contemporary view.

The sections of the Museum:

  • Yaroslavl in the XI-XV centuries;
  • Yaroslavl in the XVI-XVII centuries;
  • Yaroslavl in the XVIII-XIX centuries;
  • Yaroslavl at the turn of the XX century;
  • The first half of the XX century – the times of political convulsions;
  • Yaroslavl in the Soviet period;
  • Prominent people of Yaroslavl;
  • Exhibition halls.

The Museum of Yaroslavl City History is placed in the former merchant’s estate (built in 1893-1894) on the River Volga bank.

Open hours and price

Monday, Wednesday – Sunday – from 10 to 18 (ticket office till 17)

Day off – Tuesday

Ticket price 160 rubles

How to get to the Museum of Yaroslavl City History

Yaroslavl, Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya, 17

In the Russian language – Ярославль, Волжская набережная, 17


The Museum of Yaroslavl City History website in the Russian language

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