“Samara and Space” Museum (Самара Космическая)

The enterprise Joint Stock Company Space Rocket Centre Progress is located in Samara city; it is one of the leading Russian rocket production centers whose history began in 1894. The first spaceman in human history Yury Gagarin had his Earth orbital flight with the carrier rocket Vostok made in Samara.

Russian space transport rocket

The museum and exhibition center “Samara and Space” was opened in 2001 in honor of the 45th anniversary of the space engineering. The unique in Europe vertically-mounted carrier rocket Soyuz stands in front of the museum building.

The main exhibition presents the collection of the samples and models of space techniques. The interactive items allow seeing the space systems operation and their application in our everyday life. The special section is dedicated to the human in space, his work and living in the space station.

Open hours and price

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – from 10 to 18

Thursday – from 13 to 20

Saturday – from 11 to 17

Sunday – from 11 to 15

Day off – Monday, and the first Tuesday of each month

Ticket price

The main exhibition 250 rubles

The exhibition “Expectation of Space” 250 rubles

How to get to the Samara and Space Museum

Samara, Lenina Prospect, 21

Metro station “Rossiyskaya” – 0.5 km

In the Russian language – Самара, проспект Ленина, 21


Samara and Space Museum website in the Russian language


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