Amber Museum (Музея Янтаря)

Amber is fossilized conifer pitch of the trees grown more than 40 million years ago in the territory of the modern Scandinavian Peninsula and Baltic Sea. Amber occurs in nature of different forms, colors and transparency degree. The amber got out in Kaliningrad Region is classified as a soft stone; it is kind for a dressing. Besides the amber, there are other types of pitches which are differed by the chemical composition and physical characteristics.

amber museum

90% world resources of the amber are contained in the Kaliningrad Region. The first State Amber Manufacture was founded in 1926 for mining and further working. The manufacture produced household items, jewelry, souvenir gifts, and the works of art. In 1947 the Kaliningrad Amber Combine became the world’s only integrated factory of the mining and treatment of the amber.

The Amber Museum in Kaliningrad was opened in 1979 in the Tower of Dohn (Dohnaturm), one of the architectural monuments of the city. The tower was built in 1853 and was the part of the defenses. After World War II the tower was neglected, and the building fell into disrepair. Extensive works of reconstruction for the museum prevented the destruction.

The Amber Museum Collection

  • geological specimens of amber;
  • the amber items with inclusions of ancient plants and animals fallen into the pitch million years ago;
  • paintings, graphic works;
  • archeological objects;
  • devotional items;
  • jewelry;
  • the amber analog pitches;
  • the largest amber stone in Russia for a weight of 4.28 kg;
  • the section dedicated to the mining and treatment of the amber.

Open hours and price

October – April

Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 18 (ticket office till 17.30)

Day off – Monday

May – September

Daily from 10 to 19 (ticket office till 18.30)

Ticket price 700 rubles

Audioguide in the Russian, English, German, and Polish languages

Price 150 rubles

How to get to the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad, Marshala Vasilevskogo Ploshchad, 1

In the Russian language – Калининград, площадь Маршала Василевского, 1


The Amber Museum website in the Russian and English languages

We recommend visiting nearby

Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art – 1.2 km walking


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