Victory Park (Парк Победы)

The Victory Park is a large memorial site dedicated to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

Victory Park

The Victory Park is placed on the height named Poklonnaya Gora that means “bow-down hill” or “Worshipful Submission Hill.” The name of the place due to the fact that in olden times it was the place to welcome the honored guests “with bow-down.” Part of the hill was leveled to the ground while the park was constructing.

All in the park is symbolic and signified. The main entrance to the park from the metro station “Park Pobedy” begins from the Fountain Walkway. The Fountain Walkway consists of 5 platforms which mean five years of the war; there are 1418 fountains which mean the number of days of the Great Patriotic War. The memorial steles dedicated to the fighting zones and fleets are placed along the walkway.

The Fountain Walkway leads to the Victory Monument 141.8 meter tall – by 1 decimeter for each day of the war. The goddess of victory Nike and cupids blowing the trumpets crown the monument. At the back in the semispherical building is the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 years. Besides the museum, there is a fascinating outside exposition of the military equipment and facilities.

In honor of the multinationality of the people who made a fierce effort for the victory, there are three sacred buildings in the Victory Park – the Orthodox Church of Saint George,  memorial mosque, and memorial synagogue.

Open hours and price

Victory Park

Daily, free of charge

Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

Tuesday – Thursday, Sunday – from 10 to 20.30 (ticket office till 20)

Friday, Saturday – from 10 to 21.30 (ticket office till 21)

Day off – Monday

Exposition of the military equipment and facilities

Tuesday – Sunday – from 10 to 18.30 (ticket office till 18)

Day off – Monday

Ticket price (museum and outside expositions) 400 rubles

How to get to the Victory Park

Metro Station:

  • “Park Pobedy” (“Парк Победы”) line 3 (blue), exit 5 – 350 m walking;
  • or “Park Pobedy” (“Парк Победы”) line 8A (yellow), exit 4 – 550 m walking.


Victory Park website in the Russian, German, and Chinese languages

Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 website in the Russian language


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