Teletskoye Lake (Телецкое озеро)

Teletskoye Lake is located in the North-East of the Altai Mountains, the lake as a part of the complex “Golden Mountains of Altai” is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Shallow bay on South part of Lake Teletskoye  in Altay

The length of the Teletskoye lake is about 78 km, the width at average 3 km; the mid-depth is 175 m. The water average yearly temperature is 4 degrees C, in the summertime – 15 degrees C, so the water is not comfortable for swimming.

There are three settlements around the Teletskoye Lake – Artybash, Iogach, and Yaylyu. The tours on the boats start from Artybash and Iogach in the warm season.

The lake coast is abrupt and picturesque, covered with the conifers – cedars, firs, pines, silver-firs, and larches.

There are 14 fish species in the lake, the most known of them taimen, grayling, cisco, burbot, and pike.

Teletskoye Lake is one of the most attractive places for tourism in Altai. You can stay as in the comfortable hotel complex, as in the more affordable guesthouses or hostels. Teletskoye Lake and surrounding areas are the places for walking, bike rides, boat tours, and fishing.

Places of interest around Teletskoye Lake

Waterfall Korbu

The waterfall Korbu is located on the river Bolshaya Korbu at the bottom of a mountain Korbu in 100 m from the lakeside. To see the waterfall is available only from the water on the boat tour. The depth of the lake opposite the waterfall is 323 m, it is the deepest part of the lake.

Kamenniy Zaliv (Stone Arm of Lake)

The Kamenniy Zaliv is the small cove made of stones. To see the cove is available only from the water on the boat tour.

Chulyshman River Delta

The picturesque place in the confluence Chulyshman River into the Teletskoye Lake – the anastomosing river and many aits.

Waterfall Kishte

Waterfall on the east side of the lake, available to see during the boat tours.

Pine Yaylyu

The pine in the settlement Yaylyu bent over the lake many years ago. The ground was washed away from the roots, but the pine continues to grow.

Water cascade on the third river

The not hight beautiful cascade on the River Tevenek. You can get to it from the settlement Artybash by walking.


The viewpoint on the mountain Tilan-Tuu in Artybash opens the scenic view on the Teletskoye Lake. You can get to it by car or by walking, but the uphill is heavy enough.

How to get to the Teletskoye Lake

The Republic of Altai

Turochakskiy District, Ulaganskiy District

Artybash Settlement – location 51.791111, 87.255833

Iogach Settlement – location 51.783333, 87.253000

Yaylyu Settlement – location 51.769444, 87.602778



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