Big Azishskaya Cave (Большая Азишская пещера)

The Big Azishskaya Cave is located on the border of Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygeya, in the Southern part of the mountain system Azish-Tau.

Big Azishskaya Cave

The Cave was discovered in 1910 by the locals who could go down through the dip to the cave. The Big Azishskaya Cave was included in the list of nature monuments in 1973; in the 1980th the Cave was opened for a tourist visit.

The Big Azishskaya Cave is one of the largest caves in Europe; its length is 640 m, 220 m is accessible, the depth is 37 m. The Cave consists of the multilayer galleries and the large cavities, on the lower level there is the small river. The Cave is abundant in stalactites and stalagmites.

The Big Azishskaya Cave is equipped with stairs, platforms, handrail, and lighting. The temperature is 6 deg. C, for this reason, it is necessary to take warm clothes. Try to avoid the weekends and public holidays because of the flow of visitors.

Open hours and price

Daily from 10 to 18, in the summertime till 19. The last admission in 30 minutes before the closing.

Ticket price 500 rubles

How to get to the Big Azishskaya Cave

Location 44.121562, 40.028437

Krasnodar Territory, Apsheronskiy District, the road from Maikop to Lago-Naki, about 30 km from stanitsa Dakhovskaya.


The Big Azishskaya Cave website in the Russian language


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