State Memorial Historical-Literary and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve of A. S. Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye” (Музей-усадьба “Михайловское”)

Aleksander Sergeyevich Pushkin (1799 – 1836) is the great Russian poet and novelist, he is considered by some to be the founder of the modern Russian language. A.S. Pushkin graduated the Imperial Lyceum (the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum), and then he accessed to civil service.


The first prolonged stay in the Village of Mikhailovskoye from 1824 to 1826 was related to removal from the appointment because of Pushkin interest to the atheist teachings. A.S. Pushkin was sent into exile to his mother family estate the Village of Mikhailovskoye surrounded by scenically beautiful hills, lakes, and rivers.

The poet’s life away from social activities was productive highly, within two years Pushkin wrote about 100 works. After the exile ended, the poet visited Mikhailovskoye 3 times of his own free will.

In 1836 after the A.S. Pushkin death the child protection services bought out the estate for the poet’s children, but to 1866 the house became empty and dilapidated. In 1866 the younger son Grigory took up residence and lived here till 1899. In honor of the centenary of A.S. Pushkin birthday the estate was bought out and passed into the state-owned property, and in 1911 the first museum of Pushkin was opened for public.

In 1918 the estate was burned, only the “nanny’s house” was escaped, but it was ruined totally during the German occupation in the Great Patriotic War. All buildings of the estate were restored in 1940-1950, and it was complex of reconstruction works in 1998-1999.

There is the exposition of the estate history; the letters and handwritten drafts; the personal goods of the Pushkin family members; the reconstructed cabinet of A.S. Pushkin with the original furniture and interior features of the XVIII-XIX centuries in the manor house.

The park of the estate is the standard of the garden art of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The old fir parkway was set by the Pushkin’s grandfather O.A. Gannibal in 1780th; the poet had a walk in the avenue of limes in 1825. In the estate park, there is the burial mound of the ancient Slavs of the V-X centuries.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 17 (ticket office from 9.30 to 16.30)

Day off – Monday, and the last Tuesday of each month; April, 15-19; November, 11-15

Ticket price

Tuesday – Friday 150 rubles

Saturday – Sunday 250 rubles

From the May, 1st to the October, 31st

Tuesday – Sunday 250 rubles

How to get to the State Memorial Historical-Literary and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve of A. S. Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye”

Pskovskaya Oblast, Mikhailovskoe

2 hours trip from Pskov to the bus station “Пушкинские горы.”


In the Russian language –  Псковская область, Пушкиногорский район, посёлок городского типа Пушкинские Горы, поселок Михайловское


State Memorial Historical-Literary and Natural-Landscape Museum-Reserve of A. S. Pushkin “Mikhailovskoye” website in the English, and Russian languages

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