Museum of the Tsvetaev Family in Novo-Talitsy (Музей семьи Цветаевых в Ново-Талицах)

The name of Tsvetaev is widely known in Russia foremost because of poet Marina Tsvetaeva (1892 – 1941) whose poems are included in the school curricula in Russia. Seventy-five years of the Tsvetaev family was related to the village Novo-Talitsy where the poet’s grandfather Vladimir Vasilievich Tsvetaev had moved in 1853.

V.V. Tsvetaev was the priest, and his four sons had the faith school education. The most known of sons is Ivan Vladimirovich, the founder of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

In 1988 the house of Tsvetaev was bought by the state, and during the next seven years the house was reconstructed, and it was collected the personals, books, photographs Tsvetaev family members. The Museum of Tsvetaev family was opened in 1995.

The Museum holds the homelike literary and musical evenings, the meet-the-artist events.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Saturday from 11 to 17

Day off – Monday

Ticket price 50 rubles

How to get to the Museum of the Tsvetaev Family in Novo-Talitsy

Ivanovskaya Oblast, Novo-Talitsy, Tsvetaeva Ulitsa, 63

Bus №111,119 or 121 from Ivanovo to the bus stop “Ново-Талицы.”

In the Russian language – Ивановская область, село Ново-Талицы, ул. Цветаева, 63


The Museum of the Tsvetaev Family in Novo-Talitsy website in the Russian language

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