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National Park Samarskaya Luka (Национальный парк Самарская Лука)

Samarskaya Luka is the national park located in place of Volga river double, near the Zhigulevsk city. Zhigulevskie Gory (mountains) are the only tectonic mountains in Russian Plain, with the highest point 387 m. The mountains form the large island in the Volga river. It is considered that the river flowed straight on the South in olden times. But because of the displacement of the layers of the earth, the 100 km length obstruction appeared on the river’s course, and the Volga river started to flow on the significantly curved basin.

Tourists on the rock in mountains

Flora and fauna are abundant; it is possible to find relict species and faunal form saved from the earliest geological ages.

For visiting national park Samarskaya Luka, it is necessary to get permission. Permissions are intended as for individual tourists as for organized tourist groups.

Moving in the park territory is allowed only on fixed routes. In the summertime, the roads run past the most valuable and picturesque places, old villages and small museums. In winter time there are the routes for snowmobiles.

Open hours and price

  1. Molodetskiy mound and Dev’ya mountain

Summertime – daily from 8 to 20

Winter time – daily from 8 to 17

  1. Shiryaevo village and Mountain Verblyud

Summertime – daily from 8 to 20

Winter time – daily from 8 to 17

  1. Stepan Razin Cave

Monday, Tuesday – from 8 to 17

Wednesday – Sunday – from 10 to 19

  1. Mordovinskaya floodplain

Summertime – daily from 8 to 20

Winter time – daily from 8 to 17

  1. Vedmino Lake

Monday – Friday – from 8 to 17

Saturday, Sunday – from 9 to 18

Ticket price from 50 rubles

How to get to the National Park Samarskaya Luka


  1. Molodetskiy mound and Dev’ya mountain. Location 53.405833, 49.313056
  2. Shiryaevo village and Mountain Verblyud. Information Centre Location 53.422733, 50.013833 (Shiryaevo Selo, Lermontova Ulitsa, 1a; in the Russian language – село Ширяево, улица Лермонтова, 1а)
  3. Stepan Razin Cave. Location 53.216111, 49.342222. It is necessary to get permission in forest district office (Bolshaya Ryazan Selo, Lesnaya Ulitsa, 13, in the Russian language – село Большая Рязань, Лесная улица, 13; location 53.255841, 49.307655)
  4. Mordovinskaya floodplain. Location 53.172289, 49.440875.
  5. Vedmino Lake. Location 53.396603, 49.640148

Information about ordering, excursions, buying permits:
Zhigulyovsk: Tkachev st, 109a; phone: +7(84862)2-16-98; +7(927)8964732
Samara: Kuibyshev st,127, office 8; phone: +7(939)7010694.


National Park Samarskaya Luka website in the Russian, and English languages


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