Volgograd Planetarium (Волгоградский планетарий)

volgograd planetarium

The Planetarium in Volgograd (back at the time – Stalingrad) appeared as a present from the German Democratic Republic to the seventieth birthday of Joseph Stalin. The equipment for the planetarium was made in Germany and then placed in the building specially designed by Stalingrad architects. The sculpture of famous Soviet artist Vera Mukhina decorates the dome of the Volgograd planetarium.

The most known work of Vera Mukhina is “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” in Moscow near the metro station “VDNH.”

 The popular-science films are shown daily in Star Hall (Звездный зал), there are special programs for children.

The Volgograd Planetarium has the own observatory which is available for visiting twice a day. The day’s session is intended to solar observing, the night’s courses – for observing of the sky of stars with the 5-meter telescope with the eight hundred-fold magnification.

Open hours and price

See schedule at official website in the Russian language

Ticket price 300 rubles

Observation in the daytime 180 rubles

Observation in the nighttime 500 rubles

How to get to the Volgograd Planetarium

Volgograd, Gagarina Ulitsa, 14

In the Russian language – Волгоград, улица Гагарина, 14


Volgograd Planetarium website in the Russian language


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