Spasskoe-Lutovinovo Manor, the State Memorial and Nature Museum-Reserve (Усадьба Спасское-Лутовиново)

The State Memorial and Nature Museum-Reserve “Spasskoe-Lutovinovo Manor” is located in Mtsensky District of Orlov region. The manor is the family seat of the classic of Russian literature Ivan Turgenev; the estate was donated to Turgenev’s forefathers Ivan Lutovinov from Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible.

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Ivan Turgenev is known in the world as the great Russian writer-realist, poet, publicist, playwriter, and translator. Ivan Turgenev popularized the Russian literature in Europe countries.

The manor house had been repaired in 1976 by the interior descriptions and images of 1881, and the manor became the museum of the writer Ivan Turgenev. There is the old park with ponds and little bridges, the manor house, church, stable, and household buildings. Exposition contains the extensive collection of the chattels of the author and the collection of pictures in the museum.

Open hours and price

October, 1st – April, 30th

Daily from 9 to 18 (ticket office till 17)

May, 1st – September, 30th

Monday – Friday from 9 to 18 (ticket office till 17)

Saturday, Sunday from 9 to 19 (ticket office till 18)

In the days of the Russian state holidays, open hours can be changed.

Ticket price

Territory 100 rubles

How to get to the State Memorial and Nature Museum-Reserve “Spasskoe-Lutovinovo Manor”

Mzensk District, Spasskoye Lutovinovo Selo (69 km from Orel)

In the Russian language – Оровская область, Мценский район, село Спасское-Лутовиново


The State Memorial and Nature Museum-Reserve “Spasskoe-Lutovinovo Manor” website in the Russian language


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