Yaroslavl Art Museum (Ярославский художественный музей)

Yaroslavl Art Museum was opened in 1919-1920 upon an initiative of the local artists and art admirers. The Museum collection contains more than 75 thousand items of paintings, graphic arts, applied and decorative arts, sculpture, and numismatics.

Yaroslavl Art Museum

The Yaroslavl Art Museum sections:

  • Old Russian paintings since XIII century; icon-painting of Yaroslavl region of XVI-XVII centuries; the wooden sculptures, carving, and casting of XVI-XX centuries; the church applied arts of XVIII-XX centuries.
  • Paintings of Russian artists of XIX-XX centuries;
  • Graphic arts of XVIII-XX centuries;
  • Sculpture of XIX-XX centuries;
  • Decorative and applied arts of XVIII-XX centuries;
  • Numismatic collection of XVIII-XX centuries.

The main building of the Museum is located in the Volzhskaya Embankment. It was the Yaroslavl Government House from 1821 to 1917, and the en route imperial palace. The Yaroslavl Art Museum has been placing here since 1969; the Governor’s Park around the Museum was restored in keeping with the historical appearance in 1994. There is the exposition “The Sculpture in Plein-air” in the summertime in the Park.

The International Art Department is placed in the former merchant mansion of the Late Classicism Style.

Open hours and price

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – from 10 to 18

Friday – from 12 to 20

Day off – Monday, the last Tuesday of each month, the January 1st

Ticket price 600 rubles (Governor’s House & Museum of International Art)

How to get to the Yaroslavl Art Museum

Governor’s House

Yaroslavl, Volzhskaya Naberezhnaya, 23

In the Russian language – Ярославль, Волжская набережная, 23

Museum of International Art

Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya Ploshchad, 2

In the Russian language – Ярославль, Советская площадь, 2


Yaroslavl Art Museum website in the Russian, and English languages

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