Mordovian State Nature Reserve (Мордовский государственный природный заповедник им. П.Г. Смидовича)

The Mordovian State Nature Reserve occupies an area of 21.1 thousand Ha in the Temniovskiy District, on the picturesque bank of river Moksha. The nature reserve was founded in 1936.

More than 800 thousand species of plant grow in the nature reserve, including 50 species from the Red List. The large part of the Mordovian Nature Reserve covers with mixed and pine forests, there are many streams and small rivers.  20 lakes are located in the south-west of the preserved area.

Fauna of the Mordovian State Nature Preserve consists of 60 mammalian species, 215 species of birds, 32 fish species, more than 1500 species of insects, and some types of amphibian and reptilian.

 It is necessary to get permission in the Nature Reserve Administration for visiting. The Mordovian Nature Reserve offers several tourist programs; all programs are available by previous registration.

There are the hotel and some tourist’s complexes with little houses for 2-6 persons.

Open hours and price

It is necessary to get admission for visiting, please contact by phone +7-83445-296-77, +7-905-009-12-34, +7-937-518-78-10 or by e-mail

Ticket price depends on the programme

How to get to the Mordovian State Nature Reserve

Mordovia, Tchaikovski, Bolshoye Tatarskoye Karaevo (170 km from Saransk)


Mordovia State Nature Reserve website in the Russian language



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