Peter and Paul Fortress (Петропавловская крепость)

The Peter and Paul Fortress is one of the most recognizable views in Saint-Petersburg. The Peter and Paul Fortress was established in 1703 by Peter the Great in consort with the French engineer Lambert, at the same time when the Saint Petersburg was founded.

Peter and Paul Fortress

The Fortress is located on the Zayachiy (hare’s) Island. The legend holds that Peter the Great scolded slack workers during the construction, and suddenly the hare run of the dog jumped in arms of Tsar. Peter the Great quietened and refrained from punishing the workmen. Consequently, the island has had its name, and in memory of it, there is the sculptural composition with hares on the island.

After the construction, the fortress was a part of the Saint-Petersburg fortifications. From 1712 to 1732 the Peter and Paul Cathedral with Emperor’s tombs was built by the Domenico Trezzini project.

Since 1731 the Naryshkin bastion became the flag tower. Every morning flag-raising ceremony holds here. After the Revolution in 1917, the tradition was canceled and renewed only after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Another convention is still existing was started in the 1730th. According to tradition, the cannon shot is taken at noon every day.

The Peter and Paul Fortress was known as a prison for political prisoners in the past.

Open hours and price

Hare’s Island territory (Заячий остров) – from 6 to 22

Peter and Paul Fortress territory – from 9.30 to 21

Peter and Paul Cathedral & Grand Ducal Burial Chapel

Monday – Friday – from 10 to 19

Saturday – from 10 to 17.45

Sunday – from 11 to 19

Prison of the Trubetskoy Bastion

Daily – from 10 to 19

Permanent displays: 
“History of St Petersburg-Petrograd. 1703-1918”, “History of Peter and Paul Fortress,” “Street of Time.”
Exhibition halls:
Neva Curtain Wall, Ioannovsky Ravelin, Postern and Casemate of the Gosudarev Bastion

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – from 11 to 19

Tuesday – from 11 to 18

Day off – Wednesday

Bell-tower of the Peter and Paul Fortress 

Admission on guided tours only. For reservation of guided tours in English, please call +7(812) 498-07-20

From May 1 to September 15 guided tours at
11:30, 13:00
14:30, 16:00

Ticket price for Peter and Paul Cathedral & Grand Ducal Burial Chapel, Prison of the Trubetskoy Bastion, History of St Petersburg-Petrograd. 1703-1918, History of Peter and Paul Fortress – 600 rubles.

How to get to the Peter and Paul Fortress

Saint Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress

In the Russian language – Санкт-Петербург, Петропавловская крепость

Metro station:

“Gor’kovskaya” (“Горьковская”) line 2 (blue) – 1,1 km walking


Peter and Paul Fortress website in the Russian, and English languages

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