The Heritage of Chukotka, the Museum Center (Музейный центр «Наследие Чукотки»)

The Museum Complex “The Heritage of Chukotka” was opened in 2002 in the new futuristic building after the consolidation of several museums. Holdings of the new Museum Complex account for 10 thousand items of cultural, historical, ethnographic, and social fields of Chukotka Territory.

The first floor of the Museum contains the interactive and virtual expositions dedicated to the life in Chukotka. The second floor is the space for the temporary exhibitions.

The permanent exhibition is located on the third floor. The Museum Complex “The Heritage of Chukotka” presents the cultural artifacts of native people – the Chukchi, the Even, the Eskimos and others. Among the exhibits are traditional clothes, dishes, and means of transport, dwellings, the tools, and hunting weapons. Documents and photographs are dating back to the development of Chukotka in the XX century.

Open hours and price

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – from 10 to 19

Saturday, Sunday – from 11 to 16

Day off – Monday, Tuesday

Ticket price 400 rubles

How to get to the Museum Complex “The Heritage of Chukotka”

Anadyr, Lenina Ulitsa, 23

In the Russian language – Анадырь, улица Ленина, 23


The Museum Complex “The Heritage of Chukotka” website in the Russian language


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