Tanais, the Archeological Museum-Reserve (Археологический музей-заповедник Танаис)

The Archeological Museum-Reserve Tanais was opened in 1961 in Rostov Region after the expedition of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. There is the open-air museum, the ancient city ruins, the museum buildings at the 3 Ha territory.


Tanais is one of the largest cities of the Bosporan Kingdom (after Panticapaeum) was laying between the Ancient world and steppe nations. Tanais was founded in the III century BC and existed about 700 years. Tanais was the city of economic importance in the Black Sea and Azov regions by reason of the geographic location at the trading routes crossing.

Archaeological excavations are continuing up to now, only the tenth part of the city territory and the main part of necropolis are found out.

Museum facilities

  • The ruins of the ancient streets, the remains of the fortifications, lapidaries, the collection of the amphoras;
  • Reconstructed farmer hut, sanctuary, the Roman bridge through the defensive ditch, the tower;
  • Museum exposition presents the history of the Tanais city, the ethnography, and culture – reconstructed clothes, artifacts, authentic adornments, ceramics, and others.

Open hours and price

Daily – from 9 to 17

Ticket price 420 rubles

How to get to the Archeological Museum-Reserve Tanais

Rostov Region, Myasnikovskiy District, Nedvogovka, Tanais

In the Russian language – Ростовская область, Мясниковский район, хутор Недвиговка

1 hour trip by domestic train from Station Rostov-Glavnyiy (Ростов-Главный)

Schedule from Rostov-Glavnyiy in the Russian language

Schedule from Tanais to Rostov-Glavnyiy in the Russian language


The Archeological Museum-Reserve Tanais website in the Russian language

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