The Sochi National Park (Сочинский национальный парк)

Sochi National Park is located in the Bolshoi Sochi territory and occupies an area of 193 thousand ha.

There are 50 rivers, 80 feeders, and streams, canyons, waterfalls, mountains, and caves in the Park. The highest waterfall is Besymyanny Waterfall at 72 m tall. 33 waterfalls, Zmeykovskie Waterfalls are very popular among the tourists.

Waterfalls in Sochi

The highest point of the Sochi National Park is massif Turii Gory of 2905 m. The fascinating panorama is opened from the Akhun mountain, there is the observation point in the Akhun Tower.

Needle-leaved forests and deciduous forests take up 95% of the Park territory. 40 endemic species and 59 species of Red Book grow in the Sochi National Park – Pitsunda pine, Caucasian lily, Colchian fig tree, medicinal herbs.

Fauna contains 120 species of birds, 80 species of mammals, 50 species of amphibians, reptiles, and fishes. Among the endemic species are Caucasian blackcock, Caucasian tur, Prometheus’ mouse, and the species from the Red Book – corncrake, leopard, and quail. The Recovery Center of Leopard in Caucasus is placed in the Sochi National Park; the Center was able to raise several leopard kittens and leave them out in the wild.

The historic site in the Park shows the man site of the Paleolithic era (Adler District, near the Akhshtyrskaya Cave). The third part of the dolmens and megaliths are located in the Asha river valley.  The ancient fortress Apchinskaya stands on the Esto-Sadok skirts.

The Sochi National Park provides:

  • 49 recreational areas;
  • 10 car parking spaces;
  • 28 automobile tour routes and ecological routes with signposts, rest sites and observation decks.

Sochi NAtional Park 2

How to get to the Sochi National Park


  1. Ivanovskiy Waterfall  Location 43.610160, 39.984910. 4,6 km from bus stop “Монастырь” (buses 105, 135)
  2. Берендеево Tsarstvo и Каньон Мамедово. Расположение 43.948202, 39.311061 – гора, идя маршруты, водопады и каньон. Начните с автобусной остановки «Мамедова Щель» (автобусы 159, 160, 161, 162, 163) со Станции Lazarevskaya
  3. Zmeykovskie Waterfalls. Location 43.636006, 39.816104 – walking route and waterfalls. Bus stop «Измайловка» (bus 120 from Sochi Station)
  4. Bezymyanny Waterfall. Location 43.596702, 40.228035. The waterfall is placed in the recreation area, and in the border zone, it is necessary to get permission to access.
  5. Past’ Drakona Waterfall (Dragon Chaps Waterfall). Location 43.581735, 40.014653. 2,4 km from bus stop “Монастырь” (buses 105, 135)
  6. Orekhovskiy Waterfall. Location 43.707228, 39.773739. Bus stop “Ореховка” (bus 102 from Sochi Station)
  7. 33 waterfalls. Location 43.839532, 39.558471. Train Station “Головинка,” change to Bus 158 and go to the Bolshoi Kichmai (Большой Кичмай), then 5 km walking.
  8. Waterfall Polikaria (водопад Поликаря). Mountain walking route and waterfall. Location 43.651513, 40.271234 (observation deck).


  1. Canyon Prokhladniy (каньон Прохладный). Location 43.856736, 39.488240. Walking route, canyon and waterfall. Train Station “Головинка,” change to Bus 158 and go to the bus stop “Зубова Щель,” then 6.3 km walking.
  2. Canyon of the River Psakho. Location 43.554520, 39.963675. Walking route, river and canyon. Train station Adler or Airport Sochi, then change to Bus 131 and to the bus stop “Батайская улица, 20”, then 1,8 km walking.
  3. Dry” canyon Psakho. Location 43.545233, 39.948186. Walking route and canyon. Train station Khosta (Хоста), then change to routed taxi 128 and go to the bus stop “Красная воля,” then 4,1 km walking.
  4. Location 44.062020, 39.249819. Walking route, canyon and waterfalls. Train station Lazarevskoye, then change to bus 161 and go to the bus stop Наджиго, then 2,3 km walking.

Park Dendrary (Sochi Arboretum).

Sochi, Kurortny prospekt, 74

In the Russian language – Сочи, Курортный проспект, 74.

Bus stop “Цирк” (buses 105, 125) from Sochi Station.


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