Abramtsevo Estate, Federal State Cultural Establishment Artistic and Literary Museum-Reserve (Усадьба Абрамцево)

The historical and cultural Museum-Reserve Abramtsevo is located in the neighborhood of Sergiev Posad. Abramtsevo occupies an area of 50 hectares; there are the architectural monuments, the museum collection of 28 thousand items and picturesque park in the Museum-reserve.


The Golovin erected the house in Abramtsevo in 1760th, a few decades later the writer Sergey Aksakov had bought the house. Since then the Abramtsevo estate became the center of attraction for writers and artists.

Distinguished people of art made a history of the estate; the famous artists, writers, musicians were staying and creating here – Aksakov, Gogol, Turgenev, Vrubel, Vasnetsov, Polenov, Korovin, Serov, Repin, Mashkov, Shalyapin, Mukhina, and others.

After Aksakov death the Abramtsevo estate was bought by the patron of the arts and philanthropist Savva Morozov. In the 1870th the society of arts had been generated here. The artists and sculptors often stayed in Abramtsevo, which revive the art of engraving on wood and decorative ceramics. Surrounding of the estate are in the pictures of the famous Russian painters – “Alenushka” by V.V. Vasnetsov, the daughter of the estate owner is the heroine of the “Girls with Peaches” by V.Serov (Tretyakov Gallery).

There are the interiors and household goods of the XIX century in the manor house. The collection of the Museum contains the manuscripts and books, icons, paintings and graphic arts, the furniture and porcelain.

In the territory of Abramtsevo estate are saved the Church of the Savior, the wooden bathhouse, the “Hut on Chicken Legs” from Russian fairy tales, and other sights.

Open hours and price

Territory 10-20 (ticket office till 18)

Museums 10-18 (ticket office till 17.30)

Visiting of the Manor House is with tour guide only; the number of visitors is limited.

Day off – Monday, Tuesday

Ticket price

Territory 60 rubles

Territory, museums, and exhibitions 460 – 1110

How to get to the Abramtsevo Estate

Moscow region  Abramtsevo  Museynaya Ulitsa 1

In the Russian language Московская обл., Сергиево-Посадский муниципальный район, городское поселение Хотьково, c. Абрамцево, ул. Музейная, д. 1


Abramtsevo Estate website in the Russian, English, and Polish languages


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