The Blue Lakes in Kamchatka (Голубые озера, Камчатка)

The Blue Lakes is one of the most popular natural attractions in Kamchatka.

There are only three lakes, they are connected by a stream and situated on different levels. Water flows from the upper lake to the middle, and from the middle, it flows to the third one. The third lake gives rise to the Polovinka river.

Blue Lakes

In summer, the water in the Blue Lakes turns into an ultramarine shade, making them attractive for tourists. The lakes have a snowy basis, that’s why their water is clear and transparent.

The Lakes and the area where they are located have the status of a natural park. Bering gophers dwell on its territory and sometimes it is even possible to come across with bears. There is no fish in the Blue Lakes, as even in summer the temperature of the water is about 0 degrees.

Along the banks of the river grow cedar and alder plants, rhododendrons, irises, saxifrage and many species of buttercups. During the whole summer, the ground covers itself with a blooming carpet, and in autumn it turns into scarlet, due to the change of the color of bog bilberry and Arctous Alpine leaves.

There is a 15 kilometers route along the picturesque landscape for tourists. An eco-path, which begins at the mountain skiing base “Mount Moroznaya” is facilitated. In one day it is possible to overcome all the way to the Blue Lakes and back, so tourists go on a hiking trip light.

Open hours and price

Travel companies offer the hiking from June to September, the tour price begins from 5000 rubles for a 1-day tour.

How to get to the Blue Lakes

The Kamchatka Territory, Elizovo District

Location 53.162222, 158.132500


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