The Pskov Museum Complex: the Chambers of the Merchant Pogankin, the Pskov Local History Museum, and the Pskov Art Gallery

The Museum Complex in Pskov consists of the main museum and five branches located in different places of the Pskov region. The museum was founded in 1876, its extensive expositions include archaeological finds, manuscript and early printed books and scrolls, icons and silverware from monasteries and churches of the region.

The Chambers of the Merchant Pogankin (Поганкины Палаты)

The Chambers of the Merchant Pogankin Museum is situated in a stone building, which was constructed in the late 17th century and once owned by a merchant Sergey Pogankin. This building is a significant monument of history and architecture. The chambers consist of three buildings, from 1 to 3 floors high which are built of white limestone.

The first collection of exhibits, presented in the Chambers of the Merchant Pogankin is a unique collection of works of ancient Pskov icon painting.

Moreover, the chambers store an interesting collection of silver. There are many household items and interesting finds from the treasures of the Pskov region. Archaeologists believe that in the Romanikha mountain, located in the center of the city, where rich and noble townspeople used to build their dwellings, treasures are kept up to these days

The Pskov Local History Museum (Псковский краеведческий музей)

The Pskov Museum of Local History became a place for thematic events, celebrations, and conferences that are being regularly held. Also, different domestic and international art and historical projects take place there.

The Pskov Art Gallery (Псковская картинная галерея)

Another part of the large integrated Museum Complex in Pskov is the art gallery. It was founded in the 1950s. It presents several collections of paintings by Western European artists from the 16th and 19th centuries, as well as creations of Russian painters from the 18th to 19th centuries. And in another section, there are paintings of domestic artists of the 20th century.

The gallery building is a construction that belonged to the Fan-der-Fleet School of Art. The construction project was created in 1912-1913  by the local architect Nikita Klimenko.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Sunday from 11 to 18

Day off – Monday, the last Tuesday of each month

Ticket price 250 rubles

How to get to the Pskov Museum Complex: the Chambers of the Merchant Pogankin, the Pskov Local History Museum, and the Pskov Art Gallery

Pskov, Nekrasova Ulitsa, 7

In the Russian language – Псков, ул. Некрасова, д.7


The Pskov Museum Complex website in the Russian, English, and German languages

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