The Amur Regional Museum of Local Lore (Амурский областной краеведческий музей)

The Amur Regional Museum of Local Lore was established in 1891. The appearance of this cultural institution at the Far East of Russia was encouraged by the exhibition arranged by gold producers of Blagoveshchensk city for the visit of Nickolas Romanov, the heir to the Russian throne.

The museum is housed in the ancient house that belonged to “Kunst und Albers” Trade Company of Hamburg prior to the October Revolution.

Holdings of the museum consist of 160,000 depositary items. Collections of coins and bank-notes (8,000 pcs), as well as archaeological, natural-science and ethnographic ones, are of major interest.  The museum collection is enriched with fragments of the Ust-Nyuzhkinskiy meteorite, ritual clothes and sacred objects of Evenki and Daurian shamans, 120-year-old German music box, and bones of prehistoric predators.

Open hours and price

Tuesday-Sunday from 10 to 19

Day off – Monday, and the last Friday of each month

Ticket price 300 rubles

How to get to the Amur Regional Museum of Local Lore

Blagoveshchensk, Lenina Ulitsa, 165

In the Russian language – Благовещенск, ул. Ленина, 165


The Amur Regional Museum of Local Lore website in the Russian language



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