The Aseev Manor, the Museum Complex (Усадьба Асеевых)

The Aseev manor in Tambov is a wealthy manufacturer’s manor, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The project was created by an architect Lev Kekushev with the participation of the local architect Peter Fedorovsky. The facade of the building is an interesting mixture of styles, such as classicism, eclecticism, baroque and art nouveau. The original appearance of the building is perfectly preserved and now it represents a unique historical and architectural monument. Its lightness and beauty lie in a variety of exterior decoration and elegance of its forms.

Aseev Mansion

The museum consists of a palace building, a park, and a fountain. The major part of the building was completed by 1906, and after that, the surrounding territory was tidied up. The owner of the mansion is the prosperous industrialist Michael Aseev. He owned cloth and worsted wool factories in the Tambov province. In 1918, the manor was confiscated by the Bolsheviks and at the beginning, there was a colony of minors, later, in 1931, a sanatorium was opened there.

Restoration of the manor began in 2009 and now it has assumed its initial appearance. As for the future plans, a park will be organized, a fountain will be built, and with time there will be several more of them. The total planned amount of fountains is 18. The layout is taken from the model of Peterhof in St. Petersburg.

The mansion is attractive not only with its luxurious facade but also with a rich old interior including everyday life objects, furnishings, and a garnish of the early 20th century. On the ground floor of the building, there is a pantry, a living room, Aseev’s cabinet, a billiard room, a fireplace room and other rooms.

A white marble staircase leads to the first floor. Its main room is a column hall with framed double columns and a glass dome on the ceiling.

The unique feature of the park is an ancient oak. On its territory walking paths are paved, gazebos and benches for rest are placed and a stage for concerts is arranged.

Open hours and price

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Sunday from 10 to 18

Thursday from 13 to 21

Ticket office

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Sunday from 10 to 17.30

Thursday from 13 to 20.30

Day off – Wednesday, the last Tuesday of each month

The museum can be closed in view of special events, see information in the Museum website

Ticket price 150 rubles

How to get to the Aseev Manor

Tambov, Naberezhnaya Ulitsa, 22/1

In the Russian language – Тамбов, Набережная ул., 22/1


The Aseev Manor website in the Russian language

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