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The Museum Square and the Regional Museum of Local History in Saratov (Музейная площадь и областной музей краеведения в Саратове)

The Saratov Museum Square occurred at its present place in 1674, when, by the order of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the city was moved from the left bank of the Volga river. In those days the square was named ‘the Guest House’ and had trading rows. In 1689, began the construction of the Trinity Cathedral, which has survived to the present day.

Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore

The square became Museum in 1931, today its architectural appearance is formed by vivid monuments of old Russian architecture in different historical periods of Saratov. Except for the Trinity Cathedral, made in the Moscow baroque style, residential, educational, administrative buildings and mansions of the late 19th – early 20th centuries are situated here.

You can observe the history of Saratov in the Museum of Local History – the oldest museum in the city. It contains more than 400 thousand exhibits dedicated to the history, culture, and way of people’s life, as well as the nature of the Volga region. Thematic exposition tells about the lifestyle of Volga Germans. It includes clothing, household items, and furnishing, which the Germans who appeared in these places during the reign of Catherine II and preserved their culture and religion, used.

Another vivid museum collection is “Natural rarities”, where you can learn about the rare and endangered animal species and the flora of the Volga region.

In this rarity exhibition, there is the skeleton of Ichthyosaurus OTSCHEVIA ZHURAVLEVI, which is the singular specimen and most complete in the country. These inhabitants lived in the territory of the modern Volga region about 144 million years ago.

The museum building is an architectural monument of the early 19th century in the style of Russian classicism. This mansion was built by the architect Kolodin for the rich merchant Ustinov.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Friday, Sunday – from 10 to 18

Saturday – from 10 to 19

Ticket office

Tuesday – Friday, Sunday – from 10 to 17.30

Saturday – from 10 to 18.30

Day off – Monday, and the last Tuesday of each month

Ticket price 100 rubles

How to get to the Regional Museum of Local History in Saratov

Saratov, Lermontova Ulitsa, 34

In the Russian language – Саратов, ул. Лермонтова, 34


The Regional Museum of Local History in Saratov website in the Russian, and English languages


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