The Kostroma Settlement, the Architectural, Ethnographic, and Landscape Museum (Костромская слобода)

The Kostroma Settlement is the first open-air museum in the country appeared in the years of construction of the Gorkov Hydroelectric power station in the period from 1955 to 1957. From the territory that later turned into the bottom of the water reservoir, unique architectural monuments such as ancient houses, cabins, and wooden churches were brought here.

Kostroma Architectural-Ethnographic and Landscape Museum-Reserve

The museum demonstrates the lifestyle of Russian peasants. Traditional folk festivals are held here.

The most interesting exhibits of the museum include Skobelkin’s house, belonging to the early samples of residential wooden structures of the mid-18th century. Its structure reflects the traditional planning of the Russian cabin with a winter cabin in the front part, spacious halls and a summer room on the back part.

The Church of the Intercession was built in 1552 by two carpenter brothers Papila and Karp. As the legend says, they were buried under this church.

The Church of All-Merciful Savior, which was brought from the Fominsky village, refers to 1712. It is a church with traditional Old Russian style framing which consists of four parts – the porch, the altar, the fourfold and the refectory. An octagonal bell tower rises above the roof of the porch. The church is crowned with the gable roof with wedging. The interior of the church is decorated with carved benches and choir gallery. It is one of the best examples of craftsmanship.

The Church of Elijah the Prophet amazes with its luxurious interior with a carved four-tiered iconostasis, a vault covered with painted canvas, which depicts pictures of the Passion of the Christ.

Open hours and price


The expositions

Daily from 10 to 19

The territory

Daily from 10 to 20

Ticket office

Daily from 10 to 19.30


The expositions

Daily from 10 to 17

The territory

Daily from 10 to 18

Ticket office

Daily from 10 to 16.30

Ticket price 150 rubles

How to get to the Kostroma Settlement

Kostroma, Prosveshchenia Ulitsa, 1B

In the Russian language – Кострома, ул. Просвещения, 1б


The Kostroma Settlement Museum website in the Russian language

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