The Irkutsk State Regional Art Museum (Иркутский областной художественный музей)

The Irkutsk Regional Art Museum was opened in 1936 upon the initiative of a local town governor, Vladimir Platonovich Sukachyov. To date, the collection of the museum contains more than 23 thousand exhibits of graphic arts, painting, and sculpture and is one of the largest museums in Siberia.

The main building of the museum is a two-storeyed mansion with the park in the center of Irkutsk, where a boys` school was located in the early 20th century. The exposition of the museum is represented by the collection of monuments of ancient cultures of the Baikal region and wooden sculptures of Siberia, copper casting of 15th-20th centuries, ancient icons; the art of Oriental countries – engraving, lacquers, porcelain, enamels, bronze and more. The exhibition presents paintings by Russian artists – V. Surikov, I. Repin, D. Levitsky, I. Shishkin and other masters.

In addition to the main building, Irkutsk Art Museum has 3 branches:

The house of the founder of the museum, V. P. Sukachyov, with a park – the memorial and art exhibition of collector’s family is housed there.

The former mansion, which hosts the exhibition of Siberian art from the 17th century up to the present.

The manor house of A. N. Gindin in the center of Irkutsk where the gallery of the sculpture is housed.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 18

Thursday (01.03 – 01.11) from 12 to 20

Ticket office

Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 17.30

Thursday (01.03 – 01.11) from 12 to 19.30

Day off – Monday

Ticket price 400 rubles

How to get to the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum

Irkutsk, Ulitsa Lenina, 5

In the Russian language – Иркутск, ул. Ленина, 5


The Irkutsk Regional Art Museum website in the Russian, and English languages

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