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Ethnomir (Ethnic World) Park-Museum (Парк-музей Этномир)

The Ethnomir Park-Museum is a unique ethnographic cultural and educational facility located between Moscow and Kaluga. It is the place, where the life and culture of various nations and countries of the world are visually represented.


Ethnic areas, decorated in the traditional style of Slavic, Siberian, Central and South Asian cultures, occupy 140 hectares of the territory.

Now Ethnomir has six ethnic areas, and their number will be increased to 52 by 2020. The best traditions of almost all countries will be opened to visitors. Museums, benches, craft workshops, traditional cuisines, hotels and other buildings of ethnic areas convey the lifestyle and national coloring.

In the Russian area, there are wooden houses and a log guest house with the atmosphere of past centuries. “Ecohouse” is quite interesting for visitors. They will be told about alternative sources of energy and see the devices for saving heat at home, etc. On the territory of the Russian area, the “Museum of the Russian Stove” is available. It has nine wooden houses and a huge Russian stove, the size of which four times exceeds the traditional one, having no analogs in the world. Fragrant pastries will be given to all visitors. A visitor can admire the surrounding from the height of the observation deck on the roof of the museum.

There are a lot of interesting objects conveying the national spirit on the “Ukraine and Belarus” ethnic area: workshops “Rodny Kut”, a honey cafe, a traditional tavern, eco bath house “Bereginya”, soap house and museums. As for children’s occupation, there is a “Princedom of a wizard” (Княжество чародея) amusement park.

“North, Siberia and the Far East” is an area with real Khakass and Tuvan chums and yurts. Here you can listen to traditional songs of the Siberia, the Far East and the North peoples, taste their traditional cuisine, visit a café or a yurt with tea service, sit by a special campfire place, visit the nature museum, see the enclosure with sled dogs, and entertain yourself in the games place.

In “Central Asian countries” Ethnomir area, the culture of Asian nomadic people is visually represented, a museum and an ethnic hotel “Kochevye” is opened, different entertaining programs and master classes are held.

“The countries of South Asia” represents entertainment areas, spa centers, and hotels, workshops, and handicraft shops, ethnic hotels in the best traditions of Sri Lanka, Nepal, and India peoples.

Another interesting attraction in Ethnomir is the forest maze “Debri”. It has an extensive road network with removable partitions and it is impossible to memorize their location. The seven-turn maze is a unique opportunity to feel harmony and unite with the world of nature. Up to 300 people at once can walk in the maze, as its territory occupies more than a hectare.

Ethnomir regularly hosts plenty of entertainment events – vivid festivals, interesting master classes and occasions of different peoples of the world.

Open hours and price

Daily from 9 to 21

Ticket price

Working days from 500 rubles

Weekend or public holiday from 600 rubles

How to get to the Ethnomir Park-Museum

Kaluga region, Borovskiy District, Petrovo village

55°14’40.7″N 36°25’41.5″E

In the Russian language – Калужская область, Боровский район, деревня Петрово

From Moscow, Kievskiy Station

  1. Suburban train to Balabanovo Station (1 hour 10 min – 1 hour 40 min trip)
  2. Taxi from Balabanovo (30 min trip)

From Kaluga, Kaluga Station

  1. Suburban train to Balabanovo Station (1 hour 10 min – 1 hour 40 min trip)
  2. Taxi from Balabanovo (30 min trip)


The Ethnomir Park-Museum website in the Russian language


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