The Tula Gingerbread Museum (Музей Тульский Пряник)

The Tula Gingerbread Museum is dedicated to the national Russian delicacy, which is, as well as weapons, considered to be one of the symbols of Tula.

Tula Honey-Cake

The first mention of gingerbread, baked in Tula, refers to 1685. Local cooks created decorative products from flour, honey, eggs, butter, and spices, which became famous all over the country with their excellent taste and creative forms. Later, they started to be made for various important events in the history of the city and the country. In such cases, the products were given an appropriate inscription and a thematic drawing.

The Tula Gingerbread Museum occupies an old wing, which in the late 19th in the early 20th centuries belonged to the family of famous samovar and weapon makers Lyalins.

The Tula Gingerbread museum exposition is presented in 2 rooms. There you can observe photos of prominent masters whose products were famous all over Russia, and objects of their everyday life such as gingerbread boards covered with skilful carving, weights for measuring ingredients, etc.

Such exhibits as a large one Russian pound gingerbread and the one made in honor of the coronation of Nicholas II are of special value. There are many more products made by local pastry chefs in the museum, on the surface of which the history of Russia and the USSR have been reflected.

Next to the museum, there is a shop that belongs to “Old Tula” factory, where you can buy delicious gingerbread and take part in a tea party. Visitors are invited to sit around the traditional samovar and try fresh gingerbread.

Open hours and price

Daily from 9 to 16, but you should request the Museum for the vacant time before 1-2 day in advance before visiting:

Tel +7 (4872) 34-70-70; Fax +7 (4872) 49-74-31

How to get to the Tula Gingerbread Museum

Tula, Oktyabrskaya Ulitsa, 45

In the Russian language – Тула, Октябрьская улица, 45


The Tula Gingerbread Museum website in the Russian language

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