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Sochi Park (Сочи Парк)

Sochi-Park is a theme park with amusement rides and entertainment in Sochi. The park represents a vivid world of Russian fairy tales and legends where the whole family can have a great time. Sochi-Park opened its doors in the summer of 2014 and has repeatedly been in the top-25 list of the best amusement parks in Europe. According to this fact, it surely can be considered one of the must-visit places on the Black Sea coast.

sochi park

The spectacular rides and play areas are located on 5 themed zones, filled with the atmosphere of ancient traditions. Visitors of the park have the opportunity to visit the fairground and eco-village, meet with common Slavic folklore creatures such as mermaids or leshiy, find a way out of the Lukomorye maze and visit Baba Yaga’s possessions. The main idea of the park is to connect a legend with a true story. It makes you try your abilities in a “Space Jungle” rope park, make interesting experiments in the open air laboratory, or to visit the fascinating “Experimentarium” museum.

Adults will be delighted with extreme rides. It is recommended to begin with the breathtaking “Zmey Gorynych” Sochi roller-coaster. A dose of adrenaline is also guaranteed at the 65-meter drop tower “Fire Bird” which is the highest in the park. And in the “Science and Fiction” zone, thrillseekers are welcomed to the fastest extreme ride in Russia “Quantum leap”, which reaches up to 105 km / h speed.

Upholders of calmer entertainment will also feel at ease in Sochi-Park. The whole family can fly up on the fabulous “Flying Ship” or feel like a sports car pilot on seats of the “Drifter” ride. Children will be delighted with having an opportunity to ride a horse on a magic merry-go-round or spin around in giant painted cups. There are also entertainments for the youngest ones, such as safe rocking rides and playgrounds.

During breaks, you can check out colorful tents, where you can watch performances of puppeteers, acrobats, conjurers, musicians, dancers and animal trainers. The Dolphinarium, situated on the territory of the park, where guests can see performances with the participation of marine inhabitants is also worth visiting. Moreover, there is a café on the territory of Sochi-Park witch serves Russian and international cuisine, recreation areas and a hotel in an ancient castle style.

Open hours and price

Open hours depends on the season, see schedule on the Sochi Park website

Ticket price depends on the season, and starts from 1450 rubles per day.

Current price see in the Sochi Park website

Tickets online

How to get to the Sochi Park

Sochi, Olimpiyskiy Prospekt, 21

In the Russian language – Сочи, Олимпийский проспект, 21


The Sochi Park website in the Russian language



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