The Liberov Center, the State Regional Art Museum (Либеров-центр)

The “Liberov Сenter” State Art Museum located at Omsk city is housed in a two-storied art nouveau wooden building built in the early 20th century.

The museum was officially opened in the summer of 1994. The name of the art center is associated with the name of a true master of crayon painting, the laureate of Repin State Prize and the founder of the Faculty of Fine and Graphic Arts of the Omsk University – Alexey Nikolaevich Liberov.

The main exposition of the museum has been formed from professional documents, works of art of Liberov himself and his followers. Most parts of paintings represented in the collection of the museum are the works dated in the range of from 1970-s to 1990-s. The main theme of the works of Liberov and other Siberian artists whose works are also represented in the museum collection is the melodic reflection of the landscape of Siberia. Soft light-to-dark transitions, the play of colors – and picture motives become alive.

Open hours and price

From Sunday to Friday – from 10 to 18

Saturday – from 10 to 20

Ticket price 200 rubles

How to get to the Liberov Center

Omsk, Dumskaya 3

In the Russian language – Омск, ул. Думская, 3


The State Regional Art Museum Liberov Center website in the Russian language

We recommend visiting nearby

Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts n.a. M. Vrubel – 0.6 km walking

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