The Tver Region. The Kalyazinskaya (Flooded) Bell Tower (Затопленная Калязинская колокольня)

The bell tower of St. Nicolas Monastery which is better known as the flooded bell tower is an unusual religious monument and the main tourist attraction of the town of Kalyazin. Surrounded by water, it rises over the waters of the Volga River to the height of 70 meters.

Kalyazin bell tower

The history of the monument started in the 12th century from the foundation of St. Nicolas Monastery, where later a monastery in neoclassical style having the same name was built in 1694. The five-stepped bell tower was built on in the monastery in 1800.

In the 30-s of the last century, a decision was made to create the Uglich Reservoir what meant the flooding of Kalyazin. By the mistake of the project executives all the buildings of St. Nicholas Monastery were blown up, except the bell tower: the water was already beginning to rise and the bell-tower remained standing. Therefore, it was decided to leave Kalyazin`s bell tower where it was in order to use it as a lighthouse as the Volga River made a sharp turn in that place.

Since 2007 liturgies and prayer services began to be held in the bell tower during the summer time. In winter time it is not always possible to get to it but in summer one can swim up to it by boat or a pleasure craft.

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The Kalyazinskaya bell tower is more attractive in the summertime.

How to get to the Kalyazinskaya (Flooded) Bell Tower

Tverskaya Oblast, Kalyazin, Karla Marksa, 1

In the Russian language – Тверская область, г. Калязин, рядом с улицей Карла Маркса д.1

It is convenient to visit Kalyazin during the Volga river cruise.


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