The Russian Museum of Photography (Русский музей фотографии)

The Russian Museum of Photography was established in 1992 in Nizhny Novgorod initiated by the city public and since 2000 it has been a state cultural institution. Since the beginning, the photography museum was considered to be dedicated to the art of two famous Nizhny Novgorod photographers: Andrey Karelin (1837 – 1906) and Maksim Dmitriyev(1858-1948) and the museum building belonged to one of them. On the ground floor, there was the «Новая фотографiя М. Дмитріева» photo studio (the signboard remains), on the first floor Maksim Dmitriev and his family lived.

The Russian museum of photography

By the time, the subject of the museum collection has significantly expanded. Today we can see the works of many outstanding photographers presented there. There is plenty of samples of various photographic techniques from different countries and ages, besides photographs of late XIX-early XX centuries.

The museum collection represents the chronicles of late XIX-early XX centuries. About 200 thousand photographs in the museum collection give us the widest view of the life, dispositions, and customs of different peoples that lived in Russian Empire, its natural landscapes, urban, and industrial scenery.

Open hours and price

Monday – Wednesday from 11 to 19

Thursday – from 12 to 20

Saturday, Sunday – from 11 to 17

Day off – Friday

Ticket price 150 rub

How to get to the Russian Museum of Photography

9a, Piskunova Ulitsa, Nizhniy Novgorod

In the Russian language – Нижний Новгород, ул. Пискунова, 9а


The Russian Museum of Photography website in the Russian, and English language

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