The Bunker of Stalin in Samara (Бункер Сталина в Самаре)

Joseph Stalin’s bunker in Samara was built during the Second World War, between February and October of 1942, in the city of Kuybyshev (as the present-day city of Samara was called from 1935 till 1991).

This is a particularly interesting site – a miraculously preserved symbol of the Soviet era with its intrigues, monumental architecture and rich history. The bunker held a particular strategic importance – keeping the leader alive in case of great danger.

Stalin’s bunker is a memorial to the heroic sacrifice of the Soviet people. These are not just words: the shaft dug for the construction of the bunker is 37 meters deep – equivalent to a 12-story building. Thick doors could protect those inside from a powerful blast. In the Soviet period, the entrance to the bunker was hidden behind a nondescript door in the building of the Kuybyshev district office of the Communist Party.

Behind this door, which looks like it could lead to a broom cupboard, one finds the massive iron doors leading to the shelter. Next, one enters the elevator hall giving access to the stairs leading down, with plans for the bunker and informational boards created by the museum staff. The lower level houses Stalin’s study and a meeting room.

It is not known if Stalin has ever visited the bunker. Some historians claim that Stalin’s daughter used to live in the area and could hide in the bunker from enemy attacks together with her father.

All information on the bunker in Kuybyshev (Samara) used to be classified, and it was only at the end of the Soviet era that some documents related to its construction were released, and the bunker was turned into a museum. At present, the entrance to the bunker is located inside the building of the Samara State Cultural Institute.

Open hours and price

Monday – Friday from 11 to 15, with an excursion only.

Timeout from 13 to 14

Day off – Saturday, Sunday

Request the excursion by phone +7 (846) 333-35-71, or wait for a group on-site.

How to get to the Bunker of Stalin

167, Frunze Ulitsa, Samara

In the Russian language – Самара, ул. Фрунзе, 167


The Bunker of Stalin in Samara website in the Russian language

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