Mordovian Republican United Regional Museum named after I.D. Voronin (Мордовский краеведческий музей им. И.Д. Воронина)

The United Regional Museum of the Republic of Mordovia, named after I.D. Voronin, was founded in 1918.

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The ground floor of the museum hosts the Children’s Museum, which organizes regular lessons, master classes, and exhibits of children’s art.

The first and second floors house the permanent exhibition, with rooms devoted to ethnography, culture, archaeology, and history of Mordovia, as well as an academic digital library. The museum’s most valuable collections are those devoted to the indigenous peoples of the region, Erzia and Moksha. Exhibits include folk costumes, a reconstructed village house, and archeological finds from across the republic that spans over two thousand years of history. The numismatic collection includes coins of various epochs and finds from seventeen treasure caches.

The Mordovian Settlement historical and ethnographical complex, located close to the new building of the museum, allows the visitors to discover traditional Mordovian arts and crafts and taste local dishes.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 18

Day off – Monday

Ticket office

Tuesday – Sunday from 10 to 17

Day off – Monday

How to get to the Mordovian Republican United Regional Museum named after I.D. Voronin

Saransk, Saranskaya Ulitsa, 2

In the Russian language – Саранск, Саранская улица, 2


Mordovian Republican United Regional Museum  named after I.D. Voronin website – in the Russian language

We recommend visiting nearby

S. D. Erzia Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts –  1,1 km walking.

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