Tula State Museum of Arms (Тульский государственный музей оружия)

Tula city has been long famous for its gunsmiths. Smiths from Tula started producing artillery weapons for the Tsarist Army more than 400 years ago, and first armories began to appear in Tula from the 17th century. First-class weapons made in Tula were used in numerous wars, the city of Tula was considered to be the armory capital of the Russian Empire.

tula weapon museum

Starting from the 18th century, a part of older armory samples didn`t have to be melted down but had to be left for storage in arsenals (arsenal is a storage facility used for keeping military uniform clothing, weapons and military equipment) on the decree of the Emperor Peter the Great.

During her visit to Tula arms plant in 1775, the Empress Katherine the Great highly appreciated its armory collection and resolved to create the Chamber of rare and model weapons at the plant on its basis.

By the end of the 19th century, the collection was separated from the Tula armory and put into a separate room, in such a way the Tula weapon museum was established in 1783. The museum collection contains not only samples of weapons produced by Tula armory craftsmen and plants but also includes items specially bought for this collection from other armories in Russia and abroad.

In the 20th century after the accession of the Soviet regime, some exhibits previously kept in the Hermitage (in St. Petersburg) were handed over to the museum.

Today Tula State Museum of Arms is one of the oldest museums of Russia that has a big collection of small and cold steel arms produced in the period from the 14th century to the present day, more than 14 thousand exhibits are kept here. The main display is located in a new modern building designed in the shape of an ancient Russian helmet; the museum also occupies the building of former Epiphany Cathedral on the territory of Tula Kremlin.

The museum is equipped with audio-guides in English, German and Chinese, a QR-code system and a multimedia package. There is an Airsoft shooting range where one can shoot with a copy of military weapons produced in Russia and abroad.

Open hours and price

Monday – Wednesday, Sunday  from 10 to 18 (ticket office till 17)

Thursday – Saturday from 10 to 20 (ticket office till 19)

Day off – last Monday of each month

Ticket price 500 rubles

The excursion in the English language is available, request in advance by e-mail excurs-arms@mail.ru  or at the Museum official website.

How to get to the Tula State Museum of Arms

The main building (helmet-building)

Tula, Octiabrskaya, 2

In Russian – Тула, Октябрьская ул., 2

The department in Kremlin

Tula, Kremlin

In Russian – Тула, Кремль


Tula State Museum of Arms website in the Russian language

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