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Drawbridges in Saint Petersburg (Разводные мосты в Санкт-Петербурге)

The raising of the drawbridges in St. Petersburg is one of the most recognized sights of the city. Bridges are raised daily, except in sporadic cases, in the period of navigation on the Neva River from April to October.


There are more than 300 bridges in St. Petersburg in total, and 12 of which are drawbridges.

9 bridges are regularly raised according to a certain schedule:

  • Volodarsky Bridge (Володарский мост)
  • Alexander Nevsky Bridge (Мост Александра Невского)
  • Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge (Большеохтинский мост)
  • Liteyny Bridge (Литейный мост)
  • Troitsky Bridge (Троицкий мост)
  • Palace Bridge (Дворцовый мост) is the most visited bridge located in the center of the city near the Winter Palace. The bridge is being raised in the summertime with the background music being played since 2016. It is recommended to come to the bridge 40-60 minutes before it is raised to have a good observation point. Even on rainy nights, a lot of people who want to feast their eyes with the raising of the bridge in the heart of St. Petersburg.
  • Annunciation Bridge (Благовещенский мост)
  • Exchange Bridge (Биржевой мост)
  • Tuchkov Bridge (Тучков мост)

There are a few more drawbridges that are raised by prior request of shipowners:

  • Sampsoniyevsky Bridge (Сампсониевский мост)
  • Grenadier Bridge (Гренадерский мост)
  • Kantemirovsky Bridge (Кантемировский мост).

The schedule of the raising of the drawbridges can be found at the official website of “Mostotrest” PJSC.

One can watch the process of the raising of the drawbridges from the embankments as well as from the river – one can find a lot of different offers for watching the raising of the drawbridges aboard a river vessel.

Open hours and price

The schedule of the bridges raising at the “Mostotrest” PJSC website.

  • From the embankments – free of charge.
  • From the river vessels, the price depends on the transport operator price list.

How to get to the drawbridges

Metro station:

  1. Володарский мост
  • “Lomonosovskaya” (“Ломоносовская”) line 3 (green).
  1. Мост Александра Невского:
  • “Ploschad Aleksandra Nevskogo 1” (“Площадь Александра Невского 1”) line 3 (green) – 300 m walking;
  • “Ploschad Aleksandra Nevskogo 2” (“Площадь Александра Невского 2”) line 4 (orange) – 450 m walking;
  • “Novocherkasskaya” (“Новочеркасская”) line 4 (orange) – 750 m walking.
  1. Большеохтинский мост
  • “Novocherkasskaya” (“Новочеркасская”) line 4 (orange) – 1,5 km walking.
  1. Литейный мост
  • “Ploschad Lenina” (“Площадь Ленина”) line 1 (red) – 500 m walkng;
  • “Chernyshevskaya” (“Чернышевская”) line 1 (red) – 1 km walking.
  1. Троицкий мост
  • “Gorkovskaya” (“Горьковская”) – line 2 (blue) – 800 m walking
  1. Дворцовый мост
  • “Admiralteyskaya” (“Адмиралтейская”) line 5 (violet) – 700 m walking;
  • “Nevskiy prospekt” (“Невский проспект”) line 2 (blue) – 1,2 km walking.
  1. Благовещенский мост
  • “Vasileostrovskaya” (“Василеостровская”) line 3 (green) – 1,1 km walking;
  • “Admiralteyskaya” (“Адмиралтейская”) line 5 (violet) – 1,4 km walking;
  1. Биржевой мост
  • “Sportivnaya” (“Спортивная”) line 5 (violet) – 900 m walking;
  • “Admiralteyskaya” (“Адмиралтейская”) line 5 (violet) – 1,2 km walking;
  1. Тучков мост
  • “Sportivnaya” (“Спортивная”) line 5 (violet) – 300 m walking;
  • “Vasileostrovskaya” (“Василеостровская”) line 3 (green) – 800 m walking.


The Saint Petersburg drawbridges operator website in the Russian, English, and Chinese languages.






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