Museum of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art History (Музей истории камнерезного и ювелирного искусства)

To the north from Yekaterinburg, along with the eastern slope of the Middle Urals, there is an area situated which is rich in deposits of various precious stones and minerals – emeralds, sapphires, sardiuses, amethysts, topazes, malachite, jaspers, and even some diamonds.

mineral collection

The art of gems and metal processing and by Ural masters has been known for more than 300 years. Items made by local craftsmen were delivered to the imperial family palaces, to noble houses, and were sent abroad as valuable gifts.

In 1992, in Yekaterinburg a Museum of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art History was opened, the exposition of which represents a centuries-old culture of mining and processing of stones and metal in the Urals.

The Museum of Stone-Cutting and Jewelry Art History exposition is housed in a building of 19th century, in the very center of Yekaterinburg, where which was the Mountain Pharmacy place.

The museum has a full representation of the mineralogical collection of the Ural semi-precious strip, products of masters of stone-cutting and jewelry art. Craftsmen use semi-precious stones to make objects of applied nature – furniture and furnishings, vases, caskets, countertops, dishes, seals, as well as works of art – jewelry and decorative products.

The topic of the semi-precious stones is reflected in the stunningly beautiful ballet performance “The Stone Flower” by the music of Sergei Prokofiev which is based on the story “The Tale of the Stone Flower” of the Ural writer P.P. Bazhov. In the season 2017/2018 the ballet is added to the St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theater repertoire.

Open hours and price

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – from 11 to 18

Thursday – from 12 to 20

Days off – Monday, Tuesday

Ticket office:

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – from 11 to 17.15

Thursday – from 12 to 19.15

Ticket price – 250 rubles for adults, 50 rubles for children under 18 years old.

How to get to the Museum of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art History

Prospekt Lenina, 37, Yekaterinburg

In Russian – Екатеринбург, проспект Ленина, 37

Metro station:

  • “Ploschad 1905 goda” (“Площадь 1905 года”) – 530 m walking;
  • “Dinamo” (“Динамо”) – 1,1km walking.


Museum of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art History Russian language

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