Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” (Центральный Манеж)

The Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”

The Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” is a large exhibition space in the center of Moscow.

1817 is considered the date of the foundation of the Central Manege when Russian Emperor Alexander I issued an order to build the house for military exercises. The new building was constructed in honor of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 which is also named the French invasion of Russia.

Over time the use in military purposes was reduced, and since 1831 the building began to be used as a space for exhibitions and public festivals.

After the Revolution of 1917, it was a government garage.

In 1957 the building had been opened for the citizens again, this place became “The Central Exhibition Hall” – for the fairs, exhibitions and other public events.

The large-scale fire took place in 2004; a fire gutted almost all the building, from construction there were only walls. It was decided to build the Exhibition Hall anew, and the building had been renovated in 2005 with partial restoration, but with modern equipment inside.

At the present time, The Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” is a place for cultural events – the exhibitions, performances, and lectures. See the schedule of the current and next events at the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” website.

Open hours and price

Tuesday – Sunday – from 12 to 22

Day off – Monday

Ticket price is not fixed and depends on the current event.

How to get to the Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”

1, Manezhnaya Square, Moscow

In Russian – Москва, Манежная площадь, 1

Metro station:

  • “Biblioteka Imeni Lenina” («Библиотека им. Ленина»), line 1 (red), exit 4 – 280 m walking;
  • “Alexandrovsky Sad” («Александровский Сад»), line 4 (light blue), exit 8 – 290 m walking;
  • “Arbatskaya” («Арбатская»), line 3 (dark blue), exit 2 – 390 m walking;
  • “Borovitskaya” («Боровицкая»), line 9 (grey), exit 6 – 600 m walking;
  • “Teatralnaya” («Театральная»), line 2 (dark green), exit 10 – 650 m walking


The Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” website in the Russian, and English languages

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