The Tretyakov Gallery (Третьяковская галерея)

The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art gallery in Moscow, Russia, the foremost depository of Russian fine art in the world. Gallery's history starts in 1856. Hall of artist V.Vasnetsov. Collection - 130,000 exhibits

The Tretyakov Gallery is the greatest collection of the Russian art of 11-19th centuries.

The permanent exhibition presents the masterpieces of Russian art; these are the icons, landscapes, portraits, genre paintings, and graphic works of great artists.

Originally the gallery started from the private collection of brothers Pavel and Sergey Tretyakov from a family of merchants. Tretyakov family had bought a house in Lavrushinsky Lane in 1851, now the former Tretyakov house is the historical building of the Gallery. The first paintings were purchased in 1856; it laid the foundation of the Gallery. The collection had been continuously increasing, and gradually the house was expanded by additional buildings which were specially intended for works of art.

In 1874 “Pavel and Sergey Tretyakov Moscow City Gallery” was opened for public.

In 1892 P.M. Tretyakov donated the house and the collection to the Moscow city; for maintenance and development of the gallery, Tretyakov signed away the fund. After the donation Pavel Tretyakov continued to be engaged in the gallery life – he became the gallery trustee, and he continued to get the paintings for the gallery at his expense. The Moscow government decided to allocate in an amount of 5000 rubles annually for the acquisition of artworks for the Gallery.

In a few years after the P.M. Tretyakov death, it was decided to make a new facade for the Gallery building. The new facade was built by 1904 upon the drawing of the famous artist V.M. Vasnetsov in the “Russian style.” For many years the image of the original facade became the recognizable symbol of the Gallery.

Since 1918 the Gallery became the state property and had got the name of “The State Tretyakov Gallery.” The collection of the Gallery had increased by the pieces from the state museum fund.

The new part of the Museum to the left of the main building – the Engineering Building was constructed in 1989. There are the main utility systems, the exhibition and lecture halls, and the hall for the showing of the films in the new building.

Open hours and price

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday – from 10 to 18 (entrance from 10 to 17)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – from 10 to 21 (entrance from 10 to 20)

Day off – Monday

Ticket office:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday – from 10 to 17

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – from 10 to 20

Day off – Monday

Ticket price – 700 rubles

Free of charge for children under 16 years old.

How to get to the Tretyakov Gallery

10, Lavrushinsky Lane, Moscow

In Russian – Москва, Лаврушинский переулок, 10

Metro station:

  • “Tretyakovskaya” (“Третьяковская”), lane 6 (orange) – 380 m walking;
  • or “Tretyakovskaya” (“Третьяковская”), lane 8 (yellow) – 380 m walking;
  • or “Novokuznetskaya”(“Новокузнецкая”), lane 2 (green) – 830 m walking;
  • or “Polyanka” (“Полянка”), lane 9 (grey) – 500 m walking.


The Tretyakov Gallery website in the Russian, English languages

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