The Botanic Garden of Moscow State University “The Apothecaries’ Garden” (Ботанический сад МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова «Аптекарский сад»)

In 1706 Tsar Peter the Great decreed that the new apothecaries’ garden for the cultivation of medicinal plants should be opened on the northern edge of Moscow.

apothecaries garden 2

The plants which had been growing in the Garden were used not only for the preparation of drugs but also for training in the botany of medical students. The Apothecaries’ Garden was managed by experts in botany and the foreign scientists, generally from Germany. By the beginning of the 19th century, it had been collecting hundreds of plant species.

In 1805 the former apothecaries’ garden was bought by the Moscow State University, and still, the Garden is under the University authority.

Since 1850 the Garden began to be used not only for plant cultivation but as a city garden also, where the citizens could walk.

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The collections and expositions of the Apothecaries’ Garden (depending on the season the plants which grow outside may be without leaves):

  • The collection of trees and bushes;
  • The Hydrangeaceae family collection;
  • The Olive family collection;
  • The maple species collection;
  • The Ericaceae family collection;
  • The liana species collection;
  • The fern species collection;
  • The water and inshore plants collection;
  • The shade-enduring plants’ collection;
  • The medical plants’ collection;
  • The Pinophyta plants collection.

Indoor collections:

  • The Palm House;
  • The collection of succulents.

There is an eco-playground for children in the Garden, and several restaurants and café, in the summertime – with outdoor terraces.

The Apothecaries Garden is one of the most pleasant places in Moscow for a walk.

Open hours and price

Daily from 10 to 21

Ticket office:

Daily from 10 to 20.30

Please, note: the garden can be closed in due to poor weather conditions or to special events. All changes in time of operating are announced in the News of the Garden website.

Ticket price – 300 rubles, cash only

How to get to the Botanic Garden of Moscow State University “The Apothecaries’ Garden”

26, Mira prospect, Moscow

In Russian – Москва, пр.Мира, 26

Metro station:

  • “Prospekt Mira” (“Проспект Мира”), line 5 (circle, brown) – 250 m walking;
  • or “Prospekt Mira” (“Проспект Мира”), line 6 (orange) – 480 m walking;
  • or “Sukharevskaya” (“Сухаревская”), line 6 (orange) – 610 m walking.


The Botanic Garden of Moscow State University “The Apothecaries’ Garden” website in the Russian, English languages

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